She hated the namelessness of women in stories, as if they lived and died so that men could have metaphysical insights.
Chad Harbach, The Art of Fielding
I want to see history written as a whole; I want to see all these activities of men and women in one age woven into unity, shown in their correlations, their interdependence, their mutual influences; I want the past presented as it was — all together.
Will Durrant, “On Writing History”
Like a compass needle that points north, a man’s accusing finger always finds a woman. Always.
Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns
She held herself very straight, like Audrey Hepburn, whom all women idolize and men never think about.
Jeffrey Eugenides, The Virgin Suicides
We mortals, men and women, devour many a disappointment between breakfast and dinner-time; keep back the tears and look a little pale about the lips, and in answer to inquiries say, “Oh, nothing!” Pride helps; and pride is not a bad thing when it only urges us to hide our hurts — not to hurt others.
George Eliot, Middlemarch 
Most women had one thing in common: they had great pain when they gave birth to their children. This should make a bond that held them together; it should make them love and protect each other against the man-world. But it was not so.
Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
There were bodies and bones. Women’s bodies, which first became coffins at puberty, a skin coffin. A place from which you will never be heard, except maybe by those who are buried nearby, or those with their ear to the ground.
Cara Hoffman, So Much Pretty
Ladies, let me give you some advice. You can throw all your stupid fucking chick-lit, self-help, why-doesn’t-he-love-me books out, because this is all you need to know: Men will treat you the way you let them. There is no such thing as “deserving” respect; you get what you demand from people.. if you demand respect, he will either respect you or he won’t associate with you. It really is that simple.
Tucker Max, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell
To women who please me only by their faces, I am the very devil when I find out they have neither souls nor hearts — when they open to me a perspective of flatness, triviality, and perhaps imbecility, coarseness, and ill-temper: but to the clear eye and eloquent tongue, to the soul made of fire, and the character that bends but does not break — at once supple and stable, tractable and consistent — I am ever tender and true.
Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre (Mr. Rochester)
I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a door mat or a prostitute.
Rebecca West, The Young Rebecca
A society has no chance of success if its women are uneducated…
Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns
People with no morals often considered themselves more free, but mostly they lacked the ability to feel or love.
Charles Bukowski, Women
The women I know with strong personalities, the ones who might have become generals or the heads of companies if they were men, become teachers. Teaching is a calling, too. And I’ve always thought that teachers in their way are holy—angels leading their flocks out of the darkness.
Jeanette Walls, Half Broke Horses